Here are some of the exciting things people are saying about books in the Zombies in Paradise series.

Inferno of the Undead (Zombies in Paradise: Book 3)

This third installment of the Zombies in Paradise series is every bit as exciting as the first two! Hansen's style makes for a fast-paced adventure that keeps the reader on their toes. The alternating view points allows us to get to know the brothers on a deeper level, and of course the humor sprinkled throughout is a good balance with the action. Perfect for the middle grade and young adult audience! -- Kathy Rygg at Amazon

Avalanche of the Undead (Zombies in Paradise: Book 2)

This book would be a great choice for reluctant middle school readers. Like an avalanche of zombie attacks, readers will fall victim to its short chapter length, fast pacing, and the story line’s constant action. They’ll enjoy, as I did, Jack and Charlie’s frantic struggle to save lives and seek answers while battling for their very own safety. -- John K. at Amazon

In her sequel to Cruise of the Undead, Laura Hansen continues the adventures of beloved characters Jack and Charlie as they battle more zombies. As a middle school teacher, I would highly recommend this series of books to engage reluctant readers. The scenes are entertaining and suspenseful throughout. Readers will anxiously await book #3! -- stephoney at Amazon

This is a great sequel to the first book. The storyline continues on with Jack and Charlie so it stays consistent. As a Middle School teacher, I know my students will love this one. The ending is pretty amazing, I plan on using it to teach what a true cliffhanger is! Great job, hurry with Book 3!! -- Kim W. at Amazon

I loved this book. The character jack is almost exactly like her son jack. I feel it is easier to connect to the real characters. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. -- Meg Miller at Amazon

Cruise of the Undead (Zombies in Paradise: Book 1)

Bluntly, Cruise of the Undead is a good book. First time author, Laura Hansen comes out of the corner swinging with a self-published novel that reads like a New York Times bestseller. It's a fast-paced YA thriller that many preteens, adolescents, teenagers, and I have trouble putting down. Hansen is clearly a writer who has been masquerading as a scientist for far too long. Bring on the sequel! I hear it's even better than the first.... -- A.e. Stueve at GoodReads

With relatable characters for a younger audience and a family-friendly story line, this novel is great for children. -- Lisa Koski at

I love a good zombie story and Cruise of the Undead delivers just that. It's a fast paced adventure story that you can easily get lost in till you reach the end. -- Mandy at The Reading Diaries

The author did a great job with character building, story line and plot. As soon as I started this book, I found myself finishing it quickly. I think it is a great book for young adults, especially with the uprising in zombie lore and fantasy. ... One of the better zombie genre books out there. -- Regan C. Vacknitz at Amazon

I liked this book a lot. It was a real fun read. If you are looking for a cool zombie book to read I recommend this one. -- Steve at Amazon

Cruise of the Undead was middle grade friendly, romantic enough to be interesting, and fast-paced enough to keep me up late to finish in one sitting. And I plan to pick up the second one! ... A MUST READ for middle grade teachers looking to add unique zombie novel with male perspective! -- Busy BookBlogger at Reviews of Young Adult Literature

All in all, a good palate cleanser and an enjoyable YA adventure. Opened me up to maybe trying another YA in the future. Hopefully as fun a read as this one. And even more hopefully, there’s another Zombies in Paradise in the works. -- Will Knight at Bibliophilia, Please

I am a middle school literacy teacher and can see how my students would love this type of story. I felt the characters were really believable and the story line was really fun to follow. Once started it was hard to put the book down! I'm hoping this will lead to another story, hint, hint! It is the kind of book that has everything- humor, drama, romance, and of course zombies! -- Kim at Amazon

Amazing, a perfect mix of romance and zombies. -- Alex at Amazon

I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants. -- David at Amazon

Loved this book! Once I got through the first day of the cruise I couldn't put it down. Great characters... reminded me of kids I know who would have reacted the same way. -- Fran at Amazon

I just finished your book and I must say it was amazing. I couldn't put it down. -- Nick at Amazon

This was a great page turner. Great zombie story that kept me up reading late. It was fun from beginning to end. Great story, and really fun characters. Enjoyed it thoroughly. When is the sequel?? -- J. Severson at Amazon